Herbal therapies, or phytomedicine, are a very beneficial adjunct to many conditions in cats and dogs. When in the hands of an experienced holistic practitioner herbs are very safe. Many animals will not tolerate pharmaceuticals but they can tolerate herbs. Ironically the majority of pharmaceuticals have derived the active ingredient from a plant in the first instance. The beauty of using herbal therapies is that all the components of the plant can work synergistically to give more favourable benefits than just extracting an active ingredient from the herb itself. Herbs are useful in cancer, pain management, anxiety, allergies, bronchitis and digestive ailments among others. Overall they improve the vitality of the patient and improve the function of organs. Milk thistle is known to enhance liver function while rehmannia has successfully improved kidney function in trials. Formulating the correct combination of herbs for your pet follows an examination. Most animals tolerate liquid herbs or herbal granules mixed with small amounts of tasty food. Herbs are generally given in small amounts over a number of months to achieve results.

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