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Kombi has improved in leaps and bounds literally! She got thrown a bad combination of hip dysplasia and then an immune disorder and was spiraling down hill fast. After just the first session of laser therapy with Kym we saw a huge improvement. Now a couple of sessions in and we can’t keep her still for long she has so much energy! Thank you so much Kym you have been a God send. Kombi loves her visits and we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Claire Allmon, October 2017

Kym has changed Nelson’s world! Acupuncture and hydrotherapy plus reviewing his diet, exercise and pain meds for his chronic arthritis has allowed him to be pain free, so

much happier, more active and back to his old self and naughty behaviour! Wish I had come and seen Kym years earlier! 5/5.

Hannah Lyle, July 2017

Our cat Sadie has just made it to 17 and the treatments she’s had with Kym have helped us successfully manage her long-term constipation, arthritis and other age-related conditions for the last few years. It’s amazing to see how quickly a session brings Sadie relief. Thanks Kym, for giving our old lady quality of life, for your knowledge and for always being so kind.

Lena Erakovich, October 2017

Pancho is a dachshund with back problems and he is not really big having acupuncture, however we push on through the desire to run away, twitching out the needles and generally being as tense as possible thanks to Kym’s never ending patience and good humour! Pancho is always much more pain free and free moving after seeing her. Highly recommend!

Fiona Black and Pancho

I have had my precious dog Faye for almost 17 years. She is the first dog in my life and has come to change my world since the day that tiny baby arrived at our home! Faye had been a healthy and energetic dog until she was 14 when arthritis started to strike her gradually. It is however believed the pain started a lot earlier since she managed to hide her pain so well. She could no longer mask it when one day she sprang her leg very badly as she rushed to jump off from the bed to greet me at the door. Since then she had been having regular synovan injections, taking anti-inflammatory medications and joint supplements for more than a year until there was nothing more the vet could do. Her health further deteriorated with heart and dental diseases. She depended heavily on her bowed elbows to walk and could no longer function normally with the radiating joint and back pain.

I started searching for pet acupuncture and rehab in New Zealand and I found Kym. Instead of only looking at her limping problem, Kym used a holistic approach to look into the causes of Faye’s pain and her strange gait. Not only did Kym diagnose Faye’s chronic neck and back pain and the arthritis over her limbs, she also pointed out Faye is suffering from dementia disease and other neurological problems. Faye has had her needle treatments for almost a year now where we started from weekly then fortnightly. Kym also combined the treatment with herbal therapy and provided advice on different supplements that Faye may benefit from. Faye used to avoid me touching her incredibly stiff neck but now she loves me massaging her any time. Her blood circulation has also improved which has made her more alert to her surroundings, even though the dementia is incurable.

Kym’s work is very comprehensive. A few months ago when Faye seemed to have no coherent ability to walk with her hind legs due to her incurable neurological condition, Kym put her on laser therapy where a big improvement was seen within a few weeks.
Kym is so kind to animals and she shows genuine care to their overall well-being.
Faye is in her last span of years and I do understand that there is no miracle to continue fighting against aging ailments. Faye is however feeling more comfortable than before. I feel fortunate to have Kym on my team in providing palliative care of my Faye. I would not hesitate to recommend Kym and acupuncture to anyone.

Tiffany Wong and Faye

Kym brought my 10 year old bull terrier from barely being able to walk to bounding around playing with her toys and being completely nuts again, she has numerous issues with 3 of her legs and severe arthritis and was extremely anxious and very difficult to treat but Kym’s perseverance, patience and dedication to treating her enabled spook to receive kyms expertise treatments with great success, I cannot thank Kym enough for her incredible work and for ultimately giving me more precious time with my beautiful bully

Rachel Davey and Spooky

Kym worked tirelessly with our newfy boy Benson. her professionalism and commitment to getting him back to full strength was relentless. Thank goodness we found you Kym.. You performed miracles on our boy.

Del McFarlane-Scott and Benson

deteriorating spine dog Auckland

Many thanks for Dr Kym Shrimpton’s kindness, interest and skills. Freddie (our dear old dachshund) in obvious pain, had injured his already deteriorating spine. With little hind leg control, great loss of mobility and little relief from anti-inflammatories, he was miserable. We too were distressed and wondered if Acupuncture could help. We found Kym, a qualified Vet and Animal Acupuncturist, with a holistic approach to Freddie’s problems who responded promptly to my email enquiry. A few days after Freddie’s first consultation, which involved a very thorough examination and Acupuncture treatment, we noted improvements in his hind leg strength and stability. A happier, brighter, stronger Freddie was emerging – very much a relief for us. Shortly after Acupuncture started, the anti-inflammatories stopped. Freddie no longer zonked by pain. Thanks to number of weekly, then fortnightly sessions he’s now back to being able to trot around, bound towards his toy-box, chase cats that dare to cross his yard, and, on occasion, roll on his back We’re grateful to Kym for not only making this treatment available and affordable but for her continuing professional assistance in keeping our beloved little fella as mobile and comfortable as possible in his senior years.

Rachel Telfer

dog spondylosis Auckland

Kym has done wonders for my 8yr old dog who suffers from stiff joints and spondylosis. It has given her a new lease on life which we are so grateful for and we can’t recommend her enough. Thanks Kym 🙂

Jo Thorne, Pippi’s mum

dog quality of life Auckland

Kym, I am so thankful that Charlie had you in his life as I truly believe you made a HUGE difference to his quality of life. I wish we had met you sooner but of course can’t go backwards :o). He was not the easiest of patients and yet you persevered and allowed us to come back each week and he most certainly benefited from the treatments. Thank you, thank you.

Gillean Wayne

dog slipped disc rehabilitation Auckland

My greyhound Boxer was diagnosed in April 2014 aged 13yrs old with six slipped discs after being referred to Richard Jerram of VSG by my usual vet. An MRI showed the number of discs affected and due to his age we discussed possible treatments other than surgery. One put forward being acupuncture by Acupet. Having had successful acupuncture treatments myself I was keen to explore how this could positively impact Boxer.
Initial consultation with Kym was thorough and the first treatment followed. Kym is patient, empathetic and great at handling Boxer, who, it has to be said is a very chilled out patient. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if he’s still awake during treatment! After an initial six week period of weekly treatments, he is now going to Kym monthly for maintenance sessions which can also target any specific issues which come up.
He has been able to come off one of his pain medications and has shown increased mobility in his back legs. His zest for life is noticeably improved and his toy box now raided often again which is a joy to see.
He is now 14yrs old and I hope to see him to 15yrs old and beyond with a quality of life maintained with the help of Kym.

Jo Monaghan

Words can’t describe how grateful I am for all you did for my baby girl Angel.  She came to you as a terminal cancer patient with what we thought was back pain.  It turned out that it was the rapidly growing tumour on her liver that was causing her pain.  You found other areas of discomfort that my staunch old girl was not showing me and you treated them with acupuncture and natural supplements.  I truly believe that your program gave me 4 good months with my baby that I would not have had otherwise.  You were the first to speak of palliative care and your combination of acupuncture, natural supplements and pain medication kept Angel comfortable which allowed me to enjoy the last little while I had with her.  You are a kind, caring and compassionate person and I am so glad that we met you.  You became one of Angel’s favourite humans (not just because of all the liver treats you would give her ) – she thoroughly enjoyed her sessions with you.  Even through your own heartache of losing Sally – you remained our ‘rock’.  Angel was 6 weeks off her 13th birthday.  I always hoped she would make it – I was going to throw her the biggest birthday party ever but deep down I knew that her ailing body would not be strong enough.  Her mind was still as sharp as ever which made the decision to let her go even harder.  I am now left only with my memories and amongst those very special moments will be the time spent with you Kym.  The dripping nose and quiet time on the mat with my precious baby girl and not forgetting all the times she tried to break into the treats container.


Dot Mustor